Moving on

I ditched this blog some time ago and only use Pelican hosted on Github Pages. Loving it!

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PHP debugging made simple

They say “install this plugin to Eclipse”, “Netbeans debugging is awesome”, “my IDE has this amazing addon”… but I say var_dump() and sane judgment are your only true friends.

P for Pragmatic Processes

Just showing up p, my last invention, a pragmatic way to start, stop and restart services, here is a copy of the README at github.

Pragmatic service manager for impatient programmers.

Tired of those ‘sudo service postgresql restart’?

How about ‘sudo /etc/init.d/memcached restart’?

Wouldn’t be awesome to be able to type something like this?

p my 1 # start
p po 0 # stop
p li fr # force reload
p me # restart

And yes, my is mysql, po is postgres, li is lighttpd and me is memcahed.

You only have to type the starting characters of the service you want to change, ‘po’ is ok for ‘postgresql’ as long as there are no more services whose names starts with ‘po’.

start -> 1,u stop -> 0,d force-reload -> fr,rl restart -> anything else

Right now it only recognizes a few services, the ones I use the most, but my goal is to read al available services and match against the string you enter with regex, so postgresql could become psql, mysql could be typed as mql and nginx as ngx.

BTW, right now the code sucks, I hacked it in 15 minutes and is working for me, so fork it!!

Found the good stuff

Years ago when I started learning how to program, I remember going to the forums and asking, and interacting, and waiting for my topic to be seen. It was exhausting those kind of sites, yes phpbb3 I’m looking at you! And not only that, there were gazillions of these forums, you never know where to go, some day you find the answer at this one, other day you find it at that one, and it was all like that until I found a different kind of forum, it was the “good stuff”: Stackoverflow, seems it has a magnet attracting all great programmers. Althought I’m a little bit hard minded against windows based stacks SO has caught me, indeed. The UX is amazing, the whole concept of gamification…. I have no words, is amazing. Seriously, try it, will be real fun.

Shakespeare is on Github

That’s it, my personal spanish/english translator “Shakespeare” is on github, is made with python and qt (pyqt). There was this old database with a very old gui that used to be on debian’s repository: i2e, it got outdated and the devs put it down, I grabbed the db (was a text file) put it on a sqlite and wrote shakespeare, it has systray icon, on-key-press search and also a CLI (shk) for nerds like me.
That’s it, try it out and play.